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The Show-Me Podcast is hosted by Chris Cowan. A life-long Missouri resident, Chris holds a BA in History and graduated Summa Cum Laude from Southern New Hampshire University where he minored in Communications and Professional Writing. Drawn towards history from an early age, Chris has also shared a fascination with the unusual and bizarre. This has led him to scour local myths and urban legends throughout his travels, as well as investigating the validity behind such claims. Where history and myth collide, Chris has stated that, “The myths and legends of an area may not be historically factual, but they do provide an insight into the history of a culture. They tell us about morals, customs, and social taboos of a people, whether they be an ancient culture halfway around the world, or right here in Missouri. “


Whether it’s history, folklore, or local legend, The Show-Me Podcast is dedicated to sharing the unique experiences, events, people, and tall tales that take root in Missouri. From examinations of her history-makers to stories from the golden age of yellow journalism, little known events to stories about things that go bump in the night, The Show-Me Podcast strives to entertain and educate as we delve in to all things that make Missouri the Show-Me State, and all things that make us a part of… The Show-Me.

The Show-Me Podcast releases new episodes every other week.


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